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    I have launched an innovation coaching service where I coach leaders and teams on innovation, strategy and change. I have been certified in the Analytic Network coaching approach and use this approach for guiding leaders refine their vision, improve their ability to make sense, and improve their influence and effect into the systems they work in. I also write occasional blog posts on innovation, change and leadership on this website.


    1. Hi Shawn, It’s been a long time. Just came across your brilliant blogs on innovation, market systems, the works. I’m in Ethiopia to design a market systems course for the Ministry of Industry, did a search on market failure and came across you blog. I still consult, though I stopped teaching the Springfield Center course after 2012 so I could more time to produce a feature film…which I have. It’s called Burning Bodhi, a coming of age drama, starring Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) and other terrific young actors. One of these days I’ll make it back to South Africa and it would be wonderful to catch up.


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