September update

It is spring here in Pretoria. Many of the plants and trees in our garden and our neighborhood are growing new leaves. We are all waiting for the first spring rains to wash the dust and pollens from the air. In my work, there are also new green shoots that I want to share with… Continue reading September update

Some thoughts on re-thinking your workspace

Originally posted on 23 April 2021, updated on 3 May 2021 Several of my friends and clients are wondering what their workspace arrangements may look like in the future. The lockdowns and disruptions over the past year have rapidly accelerated the use of digital technologies to enable remote work, to improve coordination within and between… Continue reading Some thoughts on re-thinking your workspace

Thinking about places we live AND work in

We have just completed twelve months of lockdowns in South Africa. As many of my international friends would know, our initial lockdowns were quite harsh. No going beyond our property, no alcohol sales and no travel. Thankfully it got a little “easier” or less-draconian somewhere along the line. A constant stream of memes and jokes… Continue reading Thinking about places we live AND work in

Technological change is everybody’s business

For the last three years, I have spent a considerable part of my research and advisory efforts on understanding technological change. Although my description of what I am doing has changed a little over time, I am often asked whether I am not working only with geeks and techno-enthusiasts. Some have expressed genuine concern that… Continue reading Technological change is everybody’s business

The affordances provided by institutions

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

In October 2020 I participated in a week-long exploratory retreat hosted by Cognitive Edge. Actually, there were two different events in the same month and I experienced them as one event where we explored amazing concepts around complexity, sense making, aesthetics, knowledge management and so on. During one of the many breakout groups of these… Continue reading The affordances provided by institutions

Social technological disruption: The disruption that hits hardest

This is the 5th post in this series on disruption. In this blog, I explore how innovations in new social technologies and arrangements can disrupt not only companies, but public organisations and even communities. For me, social technological disruption is the hardest to defend against.