Interview with Natasha Walker on facilitation

On the right hand bar of this site you will find the link to a LEDCast episode that we have just published. In this episode I interview Natasha Walker on facilitation. Natasha is a real guru on facilitation and visualisation. We discuss the essence of facilitation, and share many tips, tricks and discuss some pet… Continue reading Interview with Natasha Walker on facilitation

Human capital development for growth

Very often in training relating to the improvement of regional and local economies we stumble onto the topic of the importance of human capital for productivity and economic growth. This results in three arguments emerging between participants. Firstly, some participants are upset about human capital development, as this often implies a higher level of learning… Continue reading Human capital development for growth

On the ground in Soweto

Early in May  I had the privilage of working with the international NGO Worldvision on a Local Economic Development in Soweto. The objective of the assignment was to assist Worldvision to focus its support activities in Orlando East. Zini Godden assisted me as the co-facilitator, and the method we applied was the PACA (Participatory Appraisal… Continue reading On the ground in Soweto

An interesting quote

Here is an interesting quote from Adrian Rogers that I think should be considered by the governments of the world as they try to figure out how to help the poor, especially during these tougher times “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without… Continue reading An interesting quote

Screaming silence

Some of the readers of this blog may wonder why I have been so silent in the last month. Those that know me personally were probably aware of the sudden death of my friend and business partner, Jorg Meyer-Stamer. To see how much Jorg mattered in the development community, take a look at the orbituary… Continue reading Screaming silence

Climate technology for competitiveness

The role of the development of climate friendly technology goes beyond saving the planet. New climate technology development reduce the costs of operating a business and a household, and could create completely new playing fields in terms of competitiveness, branding and market position. Several obstacles are discussed, including the attitude of producers, and the problem of low economies of scale.

In the shadow of value chains

Over the last few years value chains have become an important topic for donors and development practitioners. I say “again” because as with many other topics there is a tendency for these topics to be seasonal (read fashionable). This is great because every time it becomes fashionable new ideas are brought in, while old experiments… Continue reading In the shadow of value chains

Some other great weblogs

Some of the other great blogs that I follow are: Dani Rodrik’s blog – Chris Blatmans blog – The Private Sector Development Blog of the World Bank – The Bottom Billion blogpage of Paul Collier – Let me know if you read other blogs that I should also list on this… Continue reading Some other great weblogs

The difference between facilitation and facipulation

Whenever a facilitator stands in front of a group of people sitting in a workshop, it is important to realise that the standing position is a powerful and dominating position. While the purpose of a facilitator is to enable a discussion to take place, and certainly to challenge or stimulate thinking; facilitators often use their… Continue reading The difference between facilitation and facipulation

Hello world

The intention of this weblog is to raise awareness of issues that do not receive enough attention in the field of territorial development. Furthermore, I am hoping to get a discussion going with other people that are also passionate about economic development through growth and increased competitition. I spend a lot of my time facilitation… Continue reading Hello world