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I enjoy the Aid on the Edge of Chaos blog. Although I have listed them under “other blogs and podcasts I like”, I have decided to highlight two of their recent posts.

The first post, “From the Neoclassical Logic Piano to All That Jazz” is about a recent speech by Dr DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados. Worrell focused on the problems with economics today, with much of his talk given over to ‘complexity economics‘. If I said anymore here I would spoil a really good posting.

The second and more recent posting, “Complexity, crises and moving beyond recipes“, is about complexity in development. To quote from the posting directly “The argument that modern organisations have to deal with complexity on a daily basis is fast becoming one of the least controversial statements any analyst, policy maker or practitioner can make. But what this actually means in practice is up for debate.

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Go there, read it.

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