Pianos in Prague

During July 2018 I visited Prague with my family. In the parks they had pianos that people could simply play on. They were tuned. And no, they were not bolted down! For us South Africans the idea that something as expensive as a piano can stand in a public space is just mind-boggling. Then the finer details, like the paving, a chair and nice roof.

Piano in park in Prague

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Shawn Cunningham

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  1. Dear Shawn, I like to see this page and I always thought about something similar: just getting down some thoughts from impressions I have while travelling. I think travelling provides you often with completely new impressions and I am keen to read more about these short statements from you. Twitter is just not really providing the space to write down in a relaxing way some impressions on the way. Great idea, I feel encouraged to do somethng similar without feeling the pressure to write a letter long blog post.:-)

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