Making excuses

Thank you for those that asked me why I have not posted in such a while. Other than procrastination I do have two excuses, one positive and one negative. One excuse is that I have been too emotional to write because of the terrible violence in our South African mining sector. The massacre at Marikana was not the start, nor was it the end. I have been to afraid to say anything about this issue on my blogsite so I will keep my mouth shut on this tragic and complex issue.

The other reason is that I’ve had a great response on my previous e-mail that even resulted in me having to speak at some events about there being more to value chains than just diagnosing a value chain. Thank you Paul for drawing me into your organisation to address your team about diagnosing value chains in complex environments. Thank you also to Tim, Marcus, Bart, Frank for your comments and stimulating correspondance.

I am still here. Still working on my beloved manufacturing sector. Still committed to sharing….

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I am passionate about how organisations and institutions change in developing and transitioning countries. I essentially work between organisations, communities, industries and experts.

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