The difference between facilitation and facipulation

Zini is sitting down while making an input
Zini is sitting down while making an input

Whenever a facilitator stands in front of a group of people sitting in a workshop, it is important to realise that the standing position is a powerful and dominating position. While the purpose of a facilitator is to enable a discussion to take place, and certainly to challenge or stimulate thinking; facilitators often use their platform to share their ideas, thus influencing the group. I refer to this habit as ‘facipulation‘, which is a combination of facilitation and manupulation. Inputs made by the facilitator during a workshop could be extremely influential and manupalitive. While in some cases people will not mind being facipulated, in other cases people resent being told by an outsider what to do or how to think.

If it is necessary as a facilitator to make an input during a facilitated session, the facilitator should first ask for permission to switch roles. If the group permits, then the facilitator should take a seat (or take a less dominating position) and share their idea. This is done whilst complying with the rules that the group agreed to at the beginning of the facilitated session. Again, I emphasize, the facilitator must make the input as a normal group member. No special favors or rights for the facilitator like extra long time, or by critising other ideas. I prefer that the facilitator should sit down, as this breaks her power over the group. In fact, I take it so far that I ask a group member to faciliate or make notes on the flipchart in cases where I do not have a co-facilitator supporting me.

Remember, a good facilitator is like a mid-wife of the facilitated discussion concentrating on the process of discussion, while the RESULTS and the CREDIT belongs to the group

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The intention of this weblog is to raise awareness of issues that do not receive enough attention in the field of territorial development. Furthermore, I am hoping to get a discussion going with other people that are also passionate about economic development through growth and increased competitition.

I spend a lot of my time facilitation discussion, creative thinking and exploration in workshops. Now let us see if it is possible to do the same in the online world of blogs.

I work in the field of economic development, which means I work with people, ideas and problems (see my pages for an overview). My job is to facilitate a process whereby people can think about their situation differently. In most cases, this means that I force people to sit in a workshop and think about their situation creatively. In everyday worklife, thinking out of the box often doesn’t get much time. While people within organisations often get to think things thru because they are confronted by shareholders, collegues or bosses, thinking between organisations often doesn’t take place at all.

I work with private sector and public sector to promote the competitiveness of sectors and of places.

By the way, I also co-host a podcast series with Dr. Jorg Meyer-Stamer on local economic development called the LEDCAST.  Some of the most recent shows are accessible on the right hand menu.

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