Twelve business ideas that are changing the world – Link

Here is a link to a 12 episode series published by the Times and the Times Online. In the series, they interview 13 influential business figures from a wide range of sectors as they explain an idea that they think is fundementally changing the way we do business today. Although some episodes were published as long ago as 2007, most are still relevant and though provoking. The Times now charge for their content, so I found that these episodes sometimes download from Podcast Directory, and at other times don’t….

Here are the direct links to the episodes:

1. Medicine in the developing world

Innovative partnerships are crucial to overcoming diseases like malaria, which, as well as their devastating cost in human terms, are hampering the economic progress of developing nations

2. Government as a business

A strong and efficient public sector is fundamental to the strength of any society, and governments can draw lessons from the private sector

3. Micro finance and its role in 3rd world poverty relief

The provision of financial services in the developing world is a crucial means of ensuring sustainable economic growth and lifting people out of poverty

4. Private equity modern entrepreneurship

Sir Ronald Cohen, Founding Partner and Executive Chairman, Apax Partners Worldwide. Successful entrepreneurship and the importance of the private equity industry in the British economy

5. Vacating HQ: how social innovation is redefining the corporate world

Ben Verwaayen, CEO, BT: Technology is changing the way we do business, bringing the world’s best talents together

6. The flexibility of industry’s new access to capital

Sir David Walker. Author, the Walker Report into private equity. Tuning the balance between transparency and secrecy in the world’s most private industry

7. The business of engineering

Engineering has changed the world and can continue to do so, but first it must change its own fate

8. The evolution of the equity market

From their origins in the seventeenth century, today’s high-tech stock exchanges are playing a crucial role in global economic development and are at the heart of the globalisation story

9. The day corporates gained responsibility: the chief executive’s view

How companies turned the inevitable into the profitable

10. The day the corporates gained responsibility: the investors view

11. New world order

The global marketplace for skills is revolutionising business and communities – but where will it lead?

12: The democratisation of information

Jay Adelson, Founder and Chief Executive, Digg. The internet is changing the way we access and share information, and it gives us all a voice

13: Powering the future

Britain must reinvent its attitude to energy if it is to meet the challenges of climate change and fuel inequality

I hope that you are able to download these episodes.