Smile: Working in development

I received the following images and text via e-mail and Facebook. A quick Google search shows that credit is due to Ahmed El Mezeny at Save the Children in Egypt. It is also published on the Global Dashboard site by Alex Evans.

This cartoon reminded me of when I first told family members about my “new” job at GTZ some years ago. They listened to my explanation of travelling to distant places to help people develop, and then asked whether I will be issued with a weapon!

Now that I work more with the private sector it is sometimes very difficult to explain to business people that our industry really exist, and that it matters!

So how do you explain to people unfamiliar with development what your “development” work is all about?

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Shawn Cunningham

I am passionate about how organisations and institutions change in developing and transitioning countries. I essentially work between organisations, communities, industries and experts.

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