Promoting the case of business growth in developing countries

I knew something like this had to exist. An unapologetic argument of why we should focus on building business in developing countries, and why topics like corporate social responsibility and other issues are considered by business as “taxes” or “distractions”.

The case for business in Developing Economies”  by Ann Bernstein provides such a case. When you open the book you find endorsements from a wide range of credible people, including one of my favorite authors Martin Wolf (Chief Economics Commentator, the Financial Times).

In too many conversations companies are painted as bad guys, and profit is even sometimes described by people as “undesireable”. Somehow, business is now associated with environmental destruction, exploitation, and excessive profits. Ann questions some of these labels. She also question whether we should not put more pressure on business to focus on profits, growth, wealth creation.

For the official review of the book, click here

For a podcast where Ann Bernstein is interviewed about her views, click here


Happy reading!

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I am passionate about how organisations and institutions change in developing and transitioning countries. I essentially work between organisations, communities, industries and experts.

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